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❤️ A team of our students from the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades finished in the top 3 with their solution to a case from the practice of Greenpeace Bulgaria. 🌳

They were one of 12 teams in this year’s edition of Innovation Station – a social entrepreneurship competition organized by the Better Community Club at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) in Blagoevgrad.

👏 Congratulations to Alexandra Klyaneva (10th grade), Katrin Ivanova (12th grade), Kiril Isachenko (11th grade), and Boris Traykov (11th grade)!

⭐ Their goal was to devise a solution for promoting the specialty “Renewable Energy Sources,” which is studied in fewer than 10 vocational high schools in the country.

The team proposed the following solution:
“Our idea is to create an app where children, parents, and friends can participate in quests together. This will strengthen their bonds and help the environment by planting trees, cleaning up areas, attending lectures on solar energy, and learning more about it.

We, students, have a competitive spirit. That’s why our app is the perfect solution. It features quests, tasks, tests, and challenges that build and test your skills. If I go to school now and say – I got a bonus from a super challenge – I guarantee you that half the class will download the app and it will become a widespread competition among us. It’s a game, it’s a competition, and kids love it.”