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⭐ International Student Companies eXpo 2024 ⭐

Our Pride!!! ⭐⭐⭐

From March 25th to 29th, students from five of our student companies represented “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language High School, Sofia, and Bulgaria in the second stage of the international competition for the best student company in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our teams competed against 80 of the best European teams, showcasing the business and presentation skills they acquired at school.

The student companies of “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School won first place and 3 other awards at the international exhibition for innovative business ideas organized by Lietuvos Junior Achievement in Lithuania:

👏🏆⭐ Team “Green Filters” won first place in the competition (Alexandra Sivova, Mikhail Djurkow, Stefan Stoyanov, Yana Lyubenova)! “Green Filters” aim to reduce cigarette waste by converting cigarette filters into activated charcoal. The product is offered in the form of tablets for purifying and filtering water and air.

Team “Vital Sync” – won the award for social responsibility (Angel Kolev, Kristian Simov, Deya Mateeva, Nikola Dimitrov)!
“Vital Sync” is a company that produces bracelets, cards, and other devices with NFC tags containing the person’s medical information.

Team “Aqua Clear” won the award for innovative solution (Adelina Ivanova, Kristin Dragomirova, Kristin Pasilov, Liliya Atanasova, Filip Nikolov, Viktor Dachev)!
“Aqua Clear” is a company developing an advanced water filter that not only purifies water but also prioritizes people’s health and safety.

Team “GelificTech Solutions” won the award for health innovation (Dimitar Dimitrov, Kiril Isachenko, Ivan Samodumov, Alexandra Klyaneva)!
“GelificTech Solutions” is a company that produces flavored gelatin capsules in which you place medicine for your pet, making it more appealing for them to take.

❤️ Congratulations to all the teams, their 12th-grade mentors, their entrepreneurship teachers Mr. Doikov and Mr. Petrov, and their leader Mr. Momchil Benov! We are proud of you! 👏