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Friends of “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School and “Azbuki” Private Elementary School, along with teachers and students, jointly organized the “Festival of Bulgarian Folklore.”

The day took us on a journey through the richness and diversity of Bulgarian folk culture, expressed through dances, songs, traditional foods, a parade of Bulgarian folk costumes, and the reenactment of traditions and crafts.

The event took place on Thursday, April 25th, at 12:30 PM in the auditorium of our beloved school. Despite the gloomy weather outside, our hearts were warmed and filled with sunshine and smiles. We thank everyone involved in the celebration:

  • 🍀 Mrs. Tanya Kirovska-Gramatikova, an admirer and preserver of Bulgarian creativity and folklore, and a collector of folk costumes
    🍀 Mrs. Polina Dimitrova, physical education teacher and leader of our folklore ensemble
    🍀 Mrs. Boryana Mastikova, art teacher
    🍀 Rumen, Alina, and Orlin from the 12th grade, who welcomed the new members of our folklore ensemble with a dance from the Pirin region and passed the baton to them
    🍀 Everyone who attended the festival, prepared traditional dishes, joined the horo dance, and had fun