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⭐ Kalina Georgieva and Nicholas Andric, along with their classmates Darian Grudeva and Lora Mitova from the 12th grade, were interviewed by Forbes magazine!

☕ “As teenagers with busy schedules, Kalina Georgieva and Nicholas Andrich love to drink coffee. But as young people who care about the planet, they don’t like the piles of plastic capsules left behind after coffee. That’s why, more than a year ago, when they decided to participate in the Junior Achievement competition for student companies, they focused on finding an innovative solution to this environmental problem.

‘Our company creates biodegradable coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines, made entirely from natural materials—hemp plastic and filter paper—which decompose in nature within 3-4 months,’ says Nicholas just days after their company, G Coffee, won the award for green entrepreneurship and circular economy in the ‘Rising Stars’ competition.”

🤎 You can read more about the team and their business project in the latest issue of Forbes magazine.

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