As a parent I am grateful that every year the number of after-classes clubs offered to students increases. My daughter takes classes in vocal music because music makes her happy. She attends the folk dancing club, which she greatly enjoys and they help her feel fit. She also swims in the school pool to keep herself healthy and competitively fit.
During the years my daughter had the opportunity to participate in theatrical performances in English, to contribute to the school newspaper, learn how to play the guitar, take part in the debates club, in Red Cross initiatives, as well as in school competitions in swimming, handball, basketball and volleyball.


Our folk dances club has the responsibility to represent the school an every school event. It is an inseparable part of all our festivities and we enjoy tremendously their wonderful dances and costumes. Welcome to the folk dances club and open your soul to the rhythm of folk music.


Young talents, welcome to the theatre club to develop your artistic potentialities, to acquire stage skills, to add your creative energy to the staging of plays. We are eager to have you with us to laugh and ‘cry’ together and make school mundane romantic.


Dear young journalists, if you are tempted by the power of words and wand to join in presenting our school life, welcome to the journalism club. There interesting assignments, various topics, creative tasks as well as the great opportunity of working together with professionals from different media are awaiting you.


In our sports complex you will develop your competitive spirit and will struggle to be victorious in attractive sports that you can practice throughout the week – basketball, volleyball, table tennis, handball, swimming, badmington. Choose the one that most appeals to you and devote you heart and energy to it. Our coaches will support and encourage you to reveal the best of you.

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