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The upper secondary school bears the name of one of the most illustrious Bulgarian men of law Prof. Doctor of Law Ivan Apostolov. Our patron is a dignified Bulgarian, scholar and erudite, who raised the prestige of our country thanks to his mana and knowledge as a brilliant man of law. He is author of textbooks in civil and contractual law as well as numerous studies. By the end of his life he wrote “A Tale of Man”, an essay work, revealing the breadth of his general learnedness and depth of thought.

Since the very year the school was established course and supplementary books have been written to meet the requirements of the specialized study courses (programs) in Law and Management by authors primarily from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and the University of National and World Economy.

Then young and ambitious persons, now they are outstanding and highly respected experts in the academic field: prof. Dimitar Tokushev, prof. Tencho Kolev, prof. Lachezar Dachev, ass. prof. Pavel Sarafov, prof. Metodi Markov, prof. Roumen Markov, judge Toshko Danov, judge Evelina Stoyanova, prof. Hristo Ivanov, ass. prof. Angel Manchev, ass. prof. Tsvetan Davidkov, ass. prof. Aneta Elemkova, ass. prof. Axenia Zamfirova, ass. prof. Roumen Minkovski, Nikolina Nedeva, Olimpia Vedar, ass. prof. Ani Simova, Plamen Tododrov.


"Prof. Ivan Apostolov" was first registered as a school with Law and Management programs in 1993. At the time of its establishment, it was the only high school in the country, operating with a tailored syllabus, approved by the Ministry of Education.


In 1997 the school was reformed into an English Language school with Law, Management, IT and Humanities programs.


Since 2009 the school has been functioning as a licensed centre for sitting the internationally acknowledged tests in English Pearson Test of English (EDEXCEL) at level corresponding to the ones of the European Framework of Languages.


In 2012 “Azbuki” elementary school was set up and within a short period of time it got established and started educating future upper secondary school students. As of 2014/2015 school year the school has its own facilities – school complex “Azbuki” in Mousagenitsa district. The complex comprises of three bodies: “Little Steps” kindergarten, “Azbuki” elementary and lower secondary school and “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” upper secondary school with a sports complex – a sports hall with a basketball and volleyball playing field, a pool and three smaller gyms. The appealing programs, students’ excellent acquisition of skills and competences in English, the conducive, friendly atmosphere that shape the character of our school in the course of those 27 years make it an attractive place for upper secondary school students.


Since 2016 “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School has been part of the European Parliament school ambassadors programme and as of 2017 it has been approved as an innovative school and has started active work on the inclusion of new interdisciplinary subjects in the curriculum with a focus on project-based and web-based education (expeditions and general educational platform), studying through playing and design thinking methods.


In 2018 we were proud to celebrate 25 years since the establishment of “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School, which started with a single classroom to turn into a recognised, elite, successful school. We pushed all boundaries and fulfilled our dream. School administration, teachers, students and parents keep on working as a team, creating an atmosphere comfortable for our children to develop and conquer new heights. Every day we strive to make the school an even better place, where future leaders, innovators, doctors, teachers and professionals in each and every sphere stretch out their potentialities, feeling at ease, with motivation and support. If you are like them, our doors are open for you and we invite you as part of our family to continue writing our history together!


“Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School celebrated its 30th anniversary!
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