Project-based training (Expeditions/Studies)


Economical Analysis of business activities in а manufacturer business 


Target Groups – 10th, 11th Grades


 → Management/Entrepreneurship

→ Geography and Economy

→ Maths

→ IT

→ Leadership

→ English Language


  • To apply the knowledge of the Economical discipline in order to analyse real business;
  • To establish a geographical location for business activities; 
  • То apply knowledge and skills in Maths and IT to calculate and create tables and graphics using Excel;
  • Developing skills for team work, using the knowledge from the Leadership classes;
  • Developing the presentation and language skills through performing presentations in English.

Stages of the expeditions:

  • Students with the help of their mentors/ teachers choose an existing business, which they research and prepare a business portfolio for. 
  •  Clarification of the topic of the research, formation of teams, and preparation of questionares; 
  •  Students visit the business and carry out the research;
  • Students and mentors work together in order to collect additional information and analyse the data;
  •  Preparation of a portfolio and presentation/digital story;
  •  Presenting publicly the results of the expedition;
  •  The mentors and the business involved mark the project according to a set criteria.


Digital story in English.Дигитален разказ на английски език

Business portfolio with financial-economical analysis.

Developing a variety of skills-conceptual, digital, leadership, etc.