• After school I got my Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Major in Probabilities and Statistics at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Sofia University. Now I am working on my Phd at the Informatics Department of New Bulgarian University. For 9 years now I have been an assistant in geometry at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Sofia University. Life at school is carefree and fun, but we come to realise that only after we have left it. It

    Nevyana Georgieva, Law profile graduate, 2004,
  • I completed the Law profile in 2009. Then I went to Florida where I specialized Political Science and Business Administration at the University of Maine. As a student I was an active sportsman and was a member of the school basketball team, which brought me so much joy with each victory we won. Now I am business development director at Eurospeed company. My most vivid memories from high school are connected with the basketball team and all the moment we

    Nikolai Rashkov, Law profile graduate, 2009,
  • I graduated from “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” high school in 2010, having studied Humanities as my profile there and absolutely surprisingly for all continued my education at the Technical University in Sofia, finishing the Telecommunications course there. Right now I work according to my qualifications at a big telecommunications company. I have innumerable memories from my high school from the very first to the very last day – exciting gatherings with friends, interesting classes and talks with teachers, theatre club rehearsals

    Yoanna Nikolova, Humanities profile graduate, 2010,
  • I am a proud representative of the 2010 Management profile. My favourite subject was mathematics. I also loved our entrepreneur classes for the non-formal atmosphere and the unconventional, interesting role play games Mr. Doikov organised. As to the teachers I cannot choose a single one to name for each and every one of them has contributed a lot to my knowledge acquisition and development at high school. That is why I would thank every one of them for the time

    Vasko Yanchev, Management profile graduate, 2010,
  • After school I graduated from the University in Economics and studied Arts History in Spain. I travel a lot, I have been almost everywhere in the world, which is one of my dreams fulfilled. I have been engaged in whatnot initiatives with one main motive – to be useful to society. I was Mayor of the town of Godech and now I am founder and director of “Wild Land” Foundation, which helps talented and disadvantaged children. I organise an art

    Vanya Lambeva, Management profile graduate, 1998,

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