Our Team


Krustio Muhovski  Doctor of Philosophy Head teacher


Krustio Muhovski is the founder of Ivan Apostolov English School. He studied Pedagogy in the Faculty of Philosophy of Sofia Univeristy “St. Kliment Ohridski” and defended a dissertation – “Foundations of the psychological influences”. He has a lоng experience as a lecturer in Higher education.  


Lilyana Muhovska  СЕО


Lilyana Muhovska is a co-founder of the school. She has a second degree of professional-qualification and a long experience as a deputy head teacher at Sofia High School of Construction, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev”, Sofia. She studied Bulgarian Philology in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Organization and leadership within the education. In 2008 she received an honorable mention for her work and dedication towards the education.  


Tatyana Nancheva  CEO



Tatyana Nancheva is part of the school since 1996. She graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in 1992 and in 1998 she studied Accounting and Finance at the University of National and World Economy. She teaches Accounting and Control and Accounting and Documentation of the Business. She is supervising the projects around the school and is responsible for the organization of the extracurricular activities such as: winter and spring trips, team building trips, plays, role play and business games in our Management program.  


Margarita Trencheva    Deputy head teacher, Head of the languages department 



Margarita Trencheva has been part of the school since the start. She teaches English language and History in English. She prepares students for TOEFL and IELTS certificates. She organizes the English exams EDEXCEL which are recognized all over the world. Ms Trencheva also  helps students with their applications for undergraduate studies abroad. She consults them about living and studying in universities in the UK and across Europe. She also leads the summer courses in the UK and the USA. She attended an English language school and graduated from university studying English Philology and History. 


Reny Momcheva   teaches English and Chemistry in English 



Ms Momcheva is part of the team since 1995. She teaches English and Chemistry in English. She graduated from an American college in Libya and has a degree in English Philology from New University in Sofia and a degree in Chemistry from University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy.


Alexandra Evseeva English teachaer


Ms Evseeva teaches English in Ivan Аpostolov since 2004. She also teaches in the Institute for Foreign students and has a long experience as an English teacher. She studied English Philology in Russia.  


Irina Vaseva Enghlish teacher 


Irina Vaseva works in the school since 2014. She has a degree in English Philology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She had previously taught in First English School and is also a lecturer in Sofia University. She is an author of English literature school books for 11-th and 12-th grade, and has translated more than 30 published novels. 


Irina Veleva English teacher



Irina Veleva teaches English in the school since 2015. She studied at First English School and has a degree in English Philology from Sofia University. She also has a Masters degree in Management of international projects from UNWE. She has general interest in the culture of the projects and management of cultures. Ms Veleva worked for years  in the English issue of the newspaper Standard. She is interested in EC and EU projects about women working rights. In her free time she is interested in the Internal Alchemy in Chinese Martial Arts. 


Karl Bartlett English teacher


Karl Bartlett has joined our team in 2014. He is a native English speaker who teaches English, History and Geography. He has got a Bachelor’s degree in English, History and Geography from the University of Bolton, UK.  Mr Bartlett has a TOEFL certificate for teaching English as a foreign language. 


Marina Grozdanova school psychologist, Philosophy teacher 




Marina Grozdanova is our school psychologist and a teacher. She is involved in various projects in the primary school and kindergarten and she also teaches Philosophy in the secondary school. Marina is focused on developing emotional intelligence and strong family bonds among the students and their families. She is dedicated to helping students and their families to build and maintain healthy and strong relationship. She has a degree in Psychology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Masters degree in Children and Teenagers school psychology.


Daniel Nikolov Bulgarian language and literature teacher



Daniel Nikolov has been teaching Bulgarian language and literature in Ivan Apostolov Ebglish school since 1994.  He also teaches at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in the Faculty of Slavic Studies. He has a degree in Bulgarian Philology and French language from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.


Mariana Dikova German language teacher




Ms Dikova is part of the school since 1995. She teaches German language and she is also a qualified translator. She has a degree in German Philology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.


Tanya Glouhtcheva  Spanish language teacher



Ms Glouhtcheva is a teacher since 2009. She has a degree in Spanish Philology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She spent an year as an Erasmus student in university in Malaga, Spain. She has successfully attained all levels of the certificate of competence and mastery of the Spanish language – D.E.L.E. She teaches in Spanish language schools and prepares students to participate in theatrical festival, organised by the Embassy of Spain in Sofia. 


Anna Marinova Maths teacher



Anna Marinova teaches Maths and Physics in Ivan Apostolov English School since 2000. She has a degree in Physics and maths from Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”.


Dimitrina Trendafilova teaches Biology in English


Dimitrina Trendafilova teaches Biology in English in Ivan Apostolov English school since 2003. She has a degree in Biology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and a qualification in Environmental Protection. In 2001 she gets a second degree in English Philology in the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology.   


Elena Karaivanova   teaches Human and Nature, Biology in English and English 



Elena Karaivanova joined the team in 2017. She teaches Human and Nature in 5th Grade, Biology in English in 9th, 10th and 11th Grade and English in 9th Grade. She has Masters in Biology from SU and Masters in English Philology from SU. Ms Karaivanova has been teaching Biology for 7 years. She has an ECPE certificate from the Univeristy of Michigan.   


      Hristo Baydakov  History teacher




Hristo Baydakov teaches History in Ivan Apostolov English School since 1995. He has a degree in History from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and a qualification in Ethnography.


John Jamieson  teaches Infomatics and Computer Studies and Physics


John joined the team in 2017. He is teaching Infomatics and Computer Studies to Grades 9,10 and 11 and Physics to Grade 10. He is an experienced teacher who is able to offer diversity to the classroom.He was educated at Monifieth High School, near Dundee, Scotland where he received a Certificate in Engineering Science. He attended Nottingham Trent University  in 1986 studying Electronics and Communications. John has worked for some international companies such as IBM and Marconi and has been located in England, Abu Dhabi and St Petersburg, Russia before settling in Sofia. John has taught Mathematics, Physics and ICT in schools, Computer Programming and Electronics in Technical College and Statistics and Decision Modelling at University. John is married to a wonderful Bulgarian Woman and has one Son of three years of age.John has been a Chef and is a musician, playing Bass Guitar in local bands, however was most recently a guest on stage with a Thrash Metal Band during a Sofia Gig playing with their lead guitarist for the first time since school.


Polina Dimitrova P.E. teacher



Polina Dimitrova teaches Physical education in Ivan Apostolov English School since 2005.  She is a leader of the school dancing group. She has a degree in physical educational and a qualification in volleyball from National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”.


Atanas Dimitrov coach


Atanas Dimitrov is teaching physical education in the school since 2004. He is a coach of the basketball, football and athletics teams in the school. He is also teaches skiing. He goes with students to a winter school in the mountain every year where they practice skiing and snowboarding. He has a degree in physical education from National Sports Academy and Masters degree in Sports for high sports achievements. 




Deyan Doikov  Enterpreneur, owner of a consulting firm



Deyan Doikov teaches Leadership and small business and Theory of the Market Economy in English since 1997. He incorporates innovative methods in his work as a teacher and he coordinates the role business games and the team building. Mr Doykov is also a lecturer at New Bulgarian University, International University, City University and Bulgarian-Dutch College. He is an author of an Entrepreneurship student book and he is an owner of a consulting firm. He has a degree in International Economic Relations in Russia. Mr Doykov speaks English, French and Russian.  


Robbie Beecher Cmgr FCMI




Robbie Beecher will be delivering Marketing Principles to the 11th grade students along with ‘Creative Writing’ and International Marketing to the 12th grade students. Robbie has a Certificate in Education from Greenwich University and many other qualifications. He is a Chartered Manager [by Royal Charter] and was accepted as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute in 2010. He has over 27 years education and training experience that has included teaching a variety of students ranging from primary through to post graduate studies. He has been a senior manager in education and responsible for budgets up to 17m GBP and 12,000 students. Robbie has lived in Bulgaria for some years and has two young children, Kati and Mario. He enjoys most sports and regularly plays golf.


Boryana Ivanova owner of a consulting firm, Finance in English teacher 



Boryana Ivanova became part of the team in 2014 as a teacher in Finance. Boryana graduated from the University of National and World Economy and she is a senior member of the Association of Charted Certified Accountants since 2001.  She has led international training in the professional learning centres Arthur Anderson in Segovia, Spain and Veldhoven, Holland. Ms Ivanova has more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance, as well as experience in management of investment projects, mergers and acquisitions, finance analysis. She has an A level certificate in Business English language Cambridge English: Business Higher – LEvel C2/CEFR.
Milena Koleva  lawyer, teaches Management, Leadership and business etiquette, Entrepreneurship and Interpersonal relations  
Milena Koleva is a consultant in the area of innovation and strategic management. She has a Masters degree in Business administration (MBA) from HULT International Business School, USA. She was a consultant in the Center for innovation and leadership (IXL Center) – leading consulting firm in the USA until 2014. She also participated in the development and management of projects, researches and analysis for innovation management for leading companies from Fortune 500. Currently she leads the activities of the Innovation Management Academy (IMA) and works on projects for training and applying the approaches of open innovations, personal and interpersonal development.  Milena is also a partner in Hiron-Management consulting OOD since 2014. She teaches Interpersonal relations to 8-th grade, Management, Leadership and business etiquette, Entrepreneurship to 9-th, 10-th, 11-th and 12-th grade.   



      Stephan Kurkchiev   lawyer, law teacher 


Stephan Kurkchiev teaches Criminal law in Ivan Apostolov English school since 2009. He has a law degree from Sofia Univeristy “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He works as a Vise-Chairman in Sofia Regional Court and chairman of the Civil Department. He is an author of “Manufacturing orders”.


       Krasimira Gospodinova  lawyer, teacher


Krasimira Gospodinova is teaching in Ivan Apostolov since 2009. She teaches Contractual Law. She works as a lawyer and she has her own law firm. She has graduated from Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” in 1980 with a law degree.  


Jana Foteva lawyer, teacher 


Jana Foteva teaches Common law, Property law, Civil law, International and Public Law. She is also a lawyer. She has Masters degree in law from Varna University.