Ivan Apostolov English School was created in 1993 as a high school with specialized vocational training in management and law.  4 years since the opening of the school, it is officially recognized as an English high school with specialized vocational training.  In 2001 the school adds two more training programs – humanitarian studies and IT. For more than 20 years the high school prepares young, ambitious and intelligent young people, who receive a high education in general subjects, languages and vocational training. There are more than 19 classes with more than 820 students, who have successfully implemented their skills in life and we are extremely proud of!  

Ivan Apostolov English School is the only private school in the country which works with author study books , recognized by the Ministry of education and the Minister of Education. Since the opening of the school we have developed the study books for our specialized vocational training and today we have 22 books, whose authors are also university lecturers from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and University on National and World Economy.   

Then young and ambitious, today they have reached the peak in their professional development, our recognized teachers: prof. Dimitar Tokushev, prof. Tencho Kolev, prof. Luchezar Dachev, gen.as. Pavel Sarafov, prof. Metodi Markov, prof. Rumen Markov, lawyers Toshko Danov, gudge Evelina Stoyanova, prof. Hristo Ivanov, doc. Angel Manchev, doc. Cvetan Davidkov, doc. Aneta Elenkova, doc. Aksentia Zamfirova, doc. Rumen Minkovski, Nikolina Nedeva, Olimpia Vedar, doc. Ani Simova, Plamen Todorov. After years of hard work towards establishing Ivan Apostolov as a leading school, since 2000 the school has been chosen to work as a base for Sofia University “”St. Kliment Ohridski” in Bulgarian language and literature with teacher Daniel Nikolov.     

Since 2009 the school is licensed center to place the world recognized English certificates Pearson Test of English (EDEXCEL), which levels are in accordance to the European language standards.  

The school is an institution, which not only gives knowledge, but also has the responsible task to form the student’s personalities  and to educate them. In our school we work towards establishing rituals and traditions. We’d like to involve our students in the school life as much as possible. They have actively participated in creating the logo for our school. In 1998 to celebrate the 5-th anniversary of the beginning of our school , we have created our flag with the image of our patron. 

Ivan Apostolov English School is named after one of the most prominent lawyers -prof. doc. in law Ivan Apsotolov.  A lecturer in Sofia University  “St. Kliment Ohridski”, he has left a trace as a person with extraordinary personal and professional skills and many talents, especially as a lecturer. He is an author of text books  in Civil law, Contractual law and many other texts. At the end of his life he writes the essay “The human saga”, which reveals the wide knowledge of the author and the depth of his thoughts. In the end of the 80-ties he is chosen for arbitrator  in the  Tribunal Sea Court in Monaco, which is a great recognition for the law profession in Bulgaria.  Let’s follow his steps and follow his example for the future!