Our mission

Here in Ivan Apostolov English school, we offer to our students modern educational approach, based on our ambition to prepare knowledgeable and capable young adults, motivated and ready to compete and be successful in the current job environment. 

With our original school curriculum which includes foreign languages studies and specialized vocational training, our school aims to respond to the needs and requirements of the current professional market.

Priorities in our curriculum are:

  •  To educate using practical methods and approaches
  •  To mediate successfully in 3 disciplines – required subjects, language studies and specialized vocational training
  •  To use innovative and modern educational approaches, which we aim to constantly upgrade and improve  
  •  To use creative approaches and make the best out of the educational content 
  •  To teach and motivate our students to respect the school environment and perform to higher standards while studying
  •  To teach and further develop the emotional intelligence, communication skills and cultural behavior in our students

The required subjects are a mandatory part of the curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education. 

Our intensive English studies is an ambitious program, developed by our teachers and based on the European language levels.  Hours of English studies, together with the required subjects and specialized vocational training, studied in English for the whole course of education, equals to 2802 study hours in total.   


The preparation of our students responds to the requirements for covering the certificates Advanced and Proficient, which students attain when they apply for universities in the United Kingdom and across  Europe. We also prepare students for TOEFL and  SAT1. 

We are licensed center of Pearson Test of English (EDEXEL) and we prepare students to successfully attain certificates in all levels, without the need of any additional private lessons.  

The Specialized vocational training 

Ivan Apostolov English School is the only school in Bulgaria where we train our students in Law and Management courses, created and developed by professionals. The specialized vocational training is the finishing touch which adds to our English language education. The training creates the bases for the future university studies and teaches the students knowledge about the  structure of the country as an institution, the laws and regulations in the democratic society and how to perform to a high standard in a business environment.