School Facilities

I am grateful to the administration of the school for the calm, safe and inspiring study atmosphere. It is nice to know that my daughter spends the greater part of the day in a clean and cozy space with artistically decorated corridor and lobbies, where students discuss various topics, read, play the guitar among a display of study projects and motivating quotes.

As of 2014 the school enjoys its own facilities – school complex “Azbuki” in Mousagenitsa district. The complex comprises of three bodies: “Little Steps” kindergarten, “Azbuki” elementary and lower secondary school and “Prof. Ivan Apostolov” upper secondary school with a sports complex – a sports hall with a basketball and volleyball playing field, a pool and three smaller gyms.

Students study in modern classrooms, equipped with interactive boards and computers. We also have a Creative Room and Business Lab for Agile Learning. There are corner for relaxation and a library with books in different languages.