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The school program focuses on familiarizing students with basic business and economic ...

Software and Hardware Studies

Special focus is given to modern information tendencies: the internet of things ...

Foreign Languages

The skills and knowledge taught in Foreign Languages allow the deepening and advancing in language ...

Natural Sciences

All known answers lie in science, which unveils its secrets to the students who chose the enroll in the Natural Sciences Program ...
“Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School

About us

“Prof. Ivan Apostolov” Private Language Upper Secondary School welcomes applications from students completing their 7th grade within the same academic year, who have achieved an average grade of at least Very Good (5.00) for the first term.

Prospective students are required to take an exam in Bulgarian Language and Literature, which is based on the 7th-grade curriculum, as well as a Mathematics test. The Bulgarian exam includes both a written test and a creative exercise where the student must write a transformative retelling of an unfamiliar piece of fiction.

All applicants are expected to complete the online application form to begin the admission process.