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Software and Hardware Studies Program

The lessons allotted to specialized courses that are aimed at building over the acquired skills and knowledge are distributed among English, Information Studies and Information Technology.  In addition, students can opt to study Mathematics, a second foreign language (other than English) and Career Development.

The skills and knowledge that students acquire in this department prepare them not only for a successful career in Programming but also in IT Management. The main objective of the course is to encourage the development of skills and knowledge of applying new technologies in all areas.

Special focus is given to modern information tendencies: the internet of things, the internet of everything, blockchain, databases and others. Teaching in the Software and Hardware Studies Program has been designed to avail of the latest technologies, IT platforms and tools and is aimed at providing practical skills and knowledge.

The subjects are divided in three categories that cover the main development areas:

Software Development

In the Software Development course, students learn the basics of programming and get familiarized with the latest concepts of object-oriented and functional programming. The subject also teaches the steps of developing a fully functional web application.

Embedded System Programming

The Embedded System Programming course is designed to assist students in understanding how to develop low-level software and how to manage various external units (censors, diodes, electrical motors).

Graphic Design and Multimedia

In the Graphic Design and Multimedia course, students learn the basics of web design, prepress and quality multimedia creation in different contexts.




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Software and Hardware Studies

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