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Members of the parliament are elected every school year to represent their respective classes and to pitch and move forward any ideas and propositions students might have. Amongst themselves the members of the Student Parliament elect a chairperson, deputy chairpersons, one per class, as well as secretaries responsible for specific agendas – Organisation of Events, Student Rights, etc. 

The Student Parliament maintains open lines of communication with students through regular meetings and feedback channels. This ensures that the student body is informed and involved in decision-making processes.

In the beginning of every School Parliaments’ mandate specific goals are set and the body works towards their completion, preferably by the end of the school year.

The Student Parliament at "Prof. Ivan Apostolov" Private Language Upper Secondary School is the heart of student engagement, empowerment, and leadership. It serves as a dynamic platform for students to actively participate in the decision-making processes of our school community, as well as to influence and constantly better their environment. The Student Parliament functions in compliance with its Statute and in its essence is a voluntary democratic institution. Its main objectives are to provide a platform for students to express their opinions and ideas, to advocate student rights and protect the interest of the student body, as well as to act as another means of communication between all the participants in the education process.

Rumen KanevCurrent President and Founder of the School Parliament

Student Parliament Initiatives

Open Days

The organisation of the student participation in the Open Days.

Fun Days

Psychology Club

The establishment of the Psychology club where students can talk about their problems and ask questions related to important topics such as mental health and growing up.


The further development of the framework under which the Parliament functions as well as finding solutions to many other problems and issues related to the everyday life of students.