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Entrepreneurship Program

Taking risks, being creative and proactive, striving for success – these are the most in-demand skills among youths. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Enterprises, once said:

Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.

Richard Branson

It is that attitude and way of thinking that we teach our students who chose the program that prepares them for the world of business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

A team of experienced professionals, real-world cases (with methodologies from some of the top universities, including Harvard), projects, competitions and various other initiatives aim to supply know-how and real experience in starting a business through the Junior Achievement program “Student Company”.

Our school has been partnering successfully with the organization for the past 5 years in this direction, as well as in numerous others:

“Manager for a Day”, innovation camps (creating business models, traditional and digital marketing, finance, social entrepreneurship), financial innovation camp, social innovations, circular economy training course and many more.

The school program focuses on familiarizing students with basic business and economic concepts. The main subjects are:


Modules: Economics, Entrepreneurship and Career Development, Starting a Business, Entrepreneurship Management, Marketing, Finance, Communication and Negotiations, Business Practicum.

In the Entrepreneurship classes, students work on the “School Company” program, going through the main stages of starting a business and developing a prototype.

Information Technologies

Modules: Data management and analysis, Multimedia, Web Design, Solving Problems with ICT, Digital Design, Digital Marketing.


In the Marketing classes the marketing mix comes to life through both theory and practice. Developing the different functions of their enterprise – products, pricing, distribution, communications, students create a detailed marketing strategy for their company.

Digital Marketing, Digital Design and Web Design

In the Digital Marketing, Digital Design and Web Design classes, students learn the theoretical and practical way of creating and popularizing their brand with a market breakthrough using different online communication channels and a rich library of digital content.


Economics is an important subject of the program. This discipline is taught entirely in English using the flipped classroom method. Students use the Khan Academy educational platform for their individual tasks.

Student Company

The “Student Company” program allows students from the Entrepreneurship program to participate in regional and national competitions; the winners advance to the international level. During their studies, our students develop key skills such as leadership, negotiation techniques, time and resource management, communication, teamwork, etc.




The school program focuses on familiarizing students with basic business and economic ...

Software and Hardware Studies

Special focus is given to modern information tendencies: the internet of things ...

Foreign Languages

The skills and knowledge taught in Foreign Languages allow the deepening and advancing in language ...

Natural Sciences

All known answers lie in science, which unveils its secrets to the students who chose the enroll in the Natural Sciences Program ...