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Education Stages

First Stage

At the beginning of the first upper secondary education stage (8th grade) students go through an intensive English language course in 4 foreign language study groups according to their level of acquisition of English – from beginners to advanced. After the first preparatory year, from 9th to 10th grades, general mandatory subjects are taught in English.

Another focus at this stage of education are the innovative curricula aiming at developing a number of students’ skills like team work, presentation skills, leadership skills, goal setting, communication, time and resource management.

Completion of the first upper secondary education stage
After the first upper secondary education stage students sit national exams in Bulgarian language and Literature, as well as Mathematics and English.

Education Stages

Second Stage

In their second upper secondary education stage students choose their studies in one out of four programs: Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship, Software and Hardware Sciences, Natural sciences.

Compulsory program subjects are studied with 20 classes a week. During that period are encouraged to work actively towards their career development.

In their 11th and 12th grades students are ready to sit successfully C1 and C2 levels of international certificate test, PTE, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT, which offers them opportunities for further academic enrollment.




The school program focuses on familiarizing students with basic business and economic ...

Software and Hardware Studies

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Foreign Languages

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Natural Sciences

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