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Natural Sciences Program

The vast world we live in is dynamic and complex – from atoms and molecules, the building blocks of cells and living organisms, to nuclear reactors, space stations and far-away stars, creating different galaxies. The strive towards understanding this world is natural for humankind – we are constantly seeking to find an explanation to each phenomenon we see. All known answers lie in science, which unveils its secrets to the students who chose the enroll in the Natural Sciences Program of our school.

The main subjects in the program are biology and chemistry. Each of them is taught in 6 classes per week. In order to advance their scientific background even further, students take 2 classes of physics per week. The program is suitable for anyone with an analytic mind, who has a critical approach to information and readily tackles scientific problems with creativity, while taking into account all possible points of view. The Natural Sciences Program aims to supply students who have chosen to get a medical or scientific degree either in Bulgaria or abroad with rich theoretical and practical knowledge.


The Biology curriculum includes 6 classes of the subject per week, all of which are divided between compulsory and elective modules.

In the compulsory modules, the subject is taught in Bulgarian. The studies are designed to prepare the students who have chosen to continue their education in medical universities in Bulgaria for the specific terminology and the structure of the subject in their native tongue. The program is created in accordance with the standards of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and facilitates the process of studying for university entry exams.

In the elective modules, the subject is taught in English. The aim is to prepare students who plan on continuing their education in the medical or scientific field abroad. Students get familiar with specific examination forms used as entry exams by universities in Europe and the USA: BMAT, IMAT, UCAT, UKCAT, SAT II, following the requirements of their chosen university. In the 12th grade, students learn the basics of statistical analysis and solve practical problems linked to analyzing using and presenting scientific data. Such problems are really common for all international exams. In the elective modules students acquire skills necessary for correct interpretation of exam questions, which is the key ingredient in any strategy for sitting exams in medical universities in Europe and the USA.


The Chemistry curriculum in the Natural Sciences Program is taught in 6 classes per week. It provides detailed knowledge in the four main branches of chemistry – general & theoretic, inorganic, organic and analytic chemistry.

In the 11th grade, students start their chemistry studies with the compulsory module Theoretical Fundamentals of Chemistry. They study the structure of the atom, the Periodic table, all types of chemical bonding and intermolecular forces, the different types of chemical reactions and systems, as well as the basics of thermodynamics. The second module deals with Inorganic Chemistry, which teaches the properties of simple substances made up of chemical elements of the main groups and some transition metals.

The Chemistry classes in the 12th grade are designed to teach all the basic classes of organic compounds based on their structure and properties. In the final module, students learn contemporary analysis techniques both in theory and in practice, using samples from the environment.

Our additional modules broaden the knowledge from the compulsory ones in accordance with the regulations of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education  and prepare students for international exams such as SAT II.




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All known answers lie in science, which unveils its secrets to the students who chose the enroll in the Natural Sciences Program ...